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Who am I?

A Few Words About Me

I am a broadly founded frontend developer with a couple of years experience in implementing graphical layouts in content management systems. I also have experience in developing features in complex Single Page Applications and recently I have begun to look into Apache Cordova.

I find both frontend, backend and databases are exciting technologies to work with - that's why I aim at becoming a great fullstack developer. ?

A play with words!

kree8tive… a creative way to write creative

dk… dee kay - decay

the symbol of infinity. Everything that has come into existence will cease to exist only to be replaced by something else.

This is my little corner of the great internets. Here I eksperiment and play - things come and go.

Skills & technologies

The basics
JavaScript Logo HTML5 Logo CSS3 Logo

Hard to get by without markup, styling and a little scripting. I have used these technologies for years.

Content Management Systems

Umbraco CMS - My favorite CMS... I have used it for several years - mostly on the frontend.

I have dabbled in other CMS´es like: WordPress, Joomla and Drupal too.

Frameworks and libraries

I got a fair knowledge and experience with the following:

AngularJS, TypeScript, Express, Bootstrap and jQuery.


I focus on using:

C#/ASP.Net MVC and NodeJS.


Grafisk Løsning

Grafisk Løsning is a small print and design shop.
I installed WordPress, theme and configured the WooCommerce webshop all the while in dialog with the owner Anne-Mette.

Memory Game

Memory Game with cats

A memory game I build from scratch to get the hang of using React.

Working experience

Active Window
08.2019 - 02.2020

At Active Window I was responsible for further developing websites and hybrid mobile apps related to Active Window´s main product - interactive touchscreens.

Apache Cordova Umbraco CMS AngularJS JavaScript C# / ASP.Net HTML5 CSS3
UVdata A/S
08.2017 - 06.2019

At UVdata A/S I developed new features in a big, complex Angular application. I worked with the whole stack - frontend, backend and databases.

The tech stack I used at UVdata A/S.

AngularJS TypeScript JavaScript C# / ASP.Net MSSQL HTML5 CSS3 Bootstrap
Pragmasoft A/S
08.2016 - 12.2016

At Pragmasoft A/S I had various tasks in frontend, backend and databases. These tasks included testing, fixing errors, adding new features to existing projects and starting a project from scratch.

Umbraco CMS AngularJS TypeScript JavaScript C# / ASP.Net Lucene HTML5 CSS3
Økologisk Landsforening
06.2012 - 06.2013

At ØLF (NGO) I developed templates used in Umbraco CMS to run - the main site of ØLF. I also developed various campaign sites from given graphical layouts.

Umbraco CMS HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript XML XSLT
CrossMind Reklamebureau
08.2010 - 04.2011

At Crossmind (advertising agency) I developed sites from given graphical layouts in Umbraco CMS. I also did minor tasks in content and media editing.

Umbraco CMS HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript jQuery XML XSLT



My LinkedIn profile

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My GitHub page

It mostly contains my experiments and hobby projects:



Prof. Bach. in Web Development

From 2014 to 2016 I achieved a professional bachelor's degree in web development with outstanding results.

Diploma on request.

Info on the course

Multimedia Designer

From 2004 to 2006 I studied Multimedia Design and Communication.

Diploma on request.

Info on the course